Vegan Thanksgiving 2018


Hasselback Butternut squash a la Thomas…needed miso and/or shiitake powder/concentrate to make it more savory!

Black Rice and shiitake mushrooms – good and dramatic compliment to the hasselback – buy some wild rice from natives!!!!

Roasted Veg – Brussels + Cranberry + Sweet Potato + Leek – pretty good flavors

Vegan Stuffing

Vegan Mashed Potatoes

Winter Spice old fashioned – Cut Spike Scotch-style whisky w/ Grand Marnier, clove, anise, orange peel, orange bubbly

Cashew Chèvre – Fermented with probiotics! Served raw, with herbs and olive oil drizzle. I couldn’t stop eating it! It was so tangy and creamy.

Voluptuous Pumpkin Pie

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